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February's 5 Favorite Black Fashion Designers of the Month

Keep reading for our newest roundup of amazing Black fashion designers and Black-owned brands.

1. Asata Maisé

Asata Maisé has been developing her craft for the last 13 years. Maisé uses garment design as a means of communicating her personal experiences, values, and philosophies. When she was just starting out, she focused on creating custom pieces for herself and her family and friends. Because of her garments’ custom, craftsman quality, an Asata Maisé piece is hard to come by; you have to look out for a ‘drop’ to get lucky. Asata Maisé’s style is easy, fun, and cool. She takes current trends, like matching sets and patchwork, and elevates them – like through her gingham play sets and her patchwork handbags and bucket hats.

Check her out here

2. Zou Xou Shoes

Zou Xou shoes was founded by Katherine Theobalds in 2015, stemming from her dissatisfaction with the culture and practices of other brands she had worked for. Zou Xou shoes are designed to be “well-made, practical, comfortable, and versatile;” they should make you feel empowered, and align with your values. For that reason, there was perhaps just as heavy a focus on the sourcing and production aspects as the design. Handcrafted in small batches by craftspeople in Argentina, Zou Xou shoes are made carefully, slowly, ethically, and with minimal waist. These shoes are intricately simple, in that so many small design details come together into what seemingly appears like a basic wardrobe piece. And, despite the collection’s neutral color palette and clean silhouettes, I feel that these shoes make staples for both the wardrobe of a minimalist and the overstated dresser. From flats to heeled boots, Zou Xou has something for everybody.

Check them out here

3. Mifland

Spending this last year in quarantine has definitely peaked my interest in loungewear more than ever, and Mifland has become one of my favorites in this category. Tobi Egberongbe approached the conception of Mifland with a strong design, photography, and architecture background. Thus, the brand’s clean, minimal, and aesthetically pleasing designs are created with form and function at the forefront. The durability, handmade quality, leather feel, and unique leather stitching techniques are just some of the signature qualities of Mifland products. Their collection ranges from men’s and women’s apparel to bags, hats, and other accessories. And the collection’s color palette has something for everyone whether you stick to more neutral tones or like a pop of color. One of the first designs that caught my eye was the brand’s multicolored cursive logo monogram which you can find on their shirts and hats!

Check them out here

4. Fe Noel

I fell in love with Fe Noel back when they released their Resort 18/19 collection, including a fabric with a beautiful reimagining of The Birth of Venus featuring a Black woman. Fe Noel collections are feminine, colorful, and rich with textures and patterns. Fe Noel’s namesake label and lifestyle brand evolved from the small vintage boutique she opened in Brooklyn at age 19. Her designs are heavily inspired by her Caribbean background and her relationship with her family. From the flirty silhouettes to the colorful palette, just looking at her clothes take your mind some place warm and far away. Another highlight from the collection is Fe Noel’s recent collaboration with artist Sew Trill – a series of pieces embroidered with Sew Trill’s signature abstract flower portraits.

Check her out here

5. Sergio Hudson

Remember that plum-colored, belted ensemble worn by Michelle Obama at last month’s presidential inauguration ceremony? Then you are already a little familiar with the work of Sergio Hudson. Hudson’s career in fashion really jumpstarted after being a contestant on the TV show “Styled to Rock” where he got to work with several big celebrities and was eventually selected as the winner. He then went on to start his namesake label in 2014. His designs are influenced by the environment and culture he grew up in – the mid-1980s, during the height of Rock & Roll and figures like Gianni Versace and Grace Jones. You can see these influences in the bold, overstated, sexy, powerful aspects of his designs. His collections are full of oversized belts, bright colors, fringe, and lots and lots of shoulder pads! He just recently revealed his Spring 2021 collection complete with his signature silhouettes and a beautiful monochrome color palette.

Check him out here

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