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The Black Beauty Collection by Jurnfern Art

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

The Black Beauty Collection is Jurnfern Art’s new staple collection which will be released continually over periodic drops. The Black Beauty Collection was designed to be a bold representation of our mission – celebrating Black beauty and talent in the fashion industry through art, and now wearable art as well! This collection will allow you to celebrate yourselves along with the many Black fashion icons. The representation of Black models, designers, photographers, stylists, etc. in the fashion industry throughout history is invaluable! Fashion is a field heavily based in beauty and aesthetics, so it is of course important that it presents a diverse and inclusive, rather than discriminatory, image to the world. But, despite our countless contributions behind the scenes, Black people have historically been excluded from the industry’s definitions of ‘fashionable’ and ‘beautiful.’ There have been incredible changes to this in the last decade, however it is hard to forget even as an adult in this ‘new era,’ what it was like growing up and loving fashion, but feeling like I didn’t belong. Blackness became something that I was not proud of and wanted to hide in any way possible. No one should ever have to feel like they need to hide who they are. The Black Beauty Collection is the opposite of hiding! The Black Beauty Collection allows you to say to the world, loud and proud, that you love who you are and will not change for anybody! The collection also allows fashion lovers from all different backgrounds to celebrate the Black beauties and talents making major waves and breaking down barriers in the industry.

This collection was designed with a range of products that allows anyone and everyone to celebrate Black beauty, and is in no way designed to be exclusive. We celebrate Black beauty while also acknowledging and recognizing the immense contributions to the fashion industry by people all over the world!

A sage green wall tapestry that says "Black Beauty" hanging next to a pink tapestry with dark pink flowers printed on it, with fresh flowers hanging around them

The Products

The first drop of the Black Beauty Collection, coming Tuesday February 22, will feature embroidered baseball caps, engraved necklaces, embroidered bucket hats, framed posters, soft spiral journals, and custom hardback spiral notebooks.

A woman standing in front of colorful wall tapestries and fresh flowers resting on a bench, wearing a white LoveShackFancy maxi dress with blue flowers and a light blue baseball cap that says "Black Beauty"

The Black Beauty embroidered baseball hats will come in 6 colorways. They are lightweight, adjustable, and will be the perfect addition to any outfit this Spring and Summer!

A lavender baseball cap with embroidered text that reads "Black Beauty" sitting on a blue bench next to orange flowers

The Black Beauty Collection baseball cap in the Lavender colorway is extra special! For this style we channeled our signature Jurnfern Art lavender by dyeing white caps with a natural blackberry stain! Using this natural method, we were able to achieve the perfect subtle shade. These lavender caps are hand-dyed in batches and will be available on a pre-order basis.

A pink bucket hat with embroidered text that reads "Black Beauty" sitting on a blue bench next to fresh flowers

The Black Beauty Collection embroidered bucket hat will be available in this beautiful pink shade. The bucket hats come in two sizes and features a sweat-resistant mesh liner. We are so excited to wear this hat everyday this summer!

The first drop of the Black Beauty Collection will feature an engraved necklace in three different style pendants: heart, bar, and circle. Each pendant style will also be available in silver, rose gold, and gold.

Now... on to the prints and journals!

The framed posters of the first drop will features the new bold Black Beauty logo and flower in a joyful monochrome rainbow color palette. These framed posters will be available in sizes 12x16" and 18x24" with the option of a black or white frame.

A rainbow color palette grid

The custom hardback journals will come in two variations: one featuring the signature Jurnfern Art font, and one featuring the new Black Beauty bold font. Each of these journals will have a fully customizable back cover and will be available in the monochrome rainbow color palette.

There will also be a non-customizable selection of journals. The first features a new original illustration that invites everyone to celebrate everything that Black Beauty is.

A rainbow color palette grid showing the color story of an original illustration from Jurnfern Art

The second selection of non-customizable journals pays homage to beautiful Black models who have broken barriers and made incredible achievements in the fashion industry. This selection will include 3 different variations: one to highlight Black supermodels of today, one to honor the trailblazers of fashion history, and one to celebrate some of the beauties featured in our fashion illustration collection. Every journal will come in each of the 9 colors of the new monochrome rainbow color palette.

Just a few of the amazing Black supermodels of today: Adut Akech, Paloma Elsesser, Anok Yai, and Precious Lee

Some Black icons who paved the way: Iman Abdulmajid, Naomi Campbell, Grace Jones, and Beverly Johnson

A few Black beauties we've featured in our fashion illustrations: Akiima Ajak, Janaye Furman, Amar Akway, and Shanelle Nyasiase

We hope you love this new collection, and can't wait for you all to shop on 2.22!

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