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March's 5 Favorite Black Fashion Designers of the Month

Keep reading for our newest roundup of amazing Black fashion designers and Black-owned brands.

1. Amany Z

Amany Zama was exposed to the craft of woodworking from an early age, watching her grandfather while growing up in her home country of Cameroon. One practice in particular which she picked up was the years old method of steam-bending – a more eco-friendly way to bend wood. In translating this method to the crafting of handbags, Amany has created an incredibly unique and beautiful product. Not only are Amany Z bags visually pleasing, but they serve tremendous function as well; unlike your typical handbag, a bag crafted from wood is built to withstand a lifetime, and even generations. Not only is the production of these bags rooted in sustainable practices, but so is their use, in that an Amany Z bag is not meant to be worn for just a few years and then tossed aside. These bags, which come in a selection of colors and shapes are perfect staples for almost any wardrobe.

Check them out here

2. Tongoro

Tongoro began in 2016 under creator Sarah Diouf in Dakar, Senegal. The brand makes sure that all of its fabric sourcing and production is kept in Africa, as part of an effort to contribute to the economic development of artisans in West Africa. Their current collection is full of mesmerizing prints and striking silhouettes. The items range from business professional, to playful, to sexy. Boxy lines, billowing sleeves, and high slits are just some of the design features of this eye-catching collection. Tongoro has even received the stamp of approval from Beyoncé.

Check them out here

3. Love Ohlou

Love Ohlou pieces are designed by Fisayo Quadri and created in Maryland. The collection is perfect for those who love the fun and fantasy of dressing up. The brand includes a small online selection of pieces as well as custom made-to-order options. Probably their most recognizable piece is the off-the-shoulder pleated tulle top with balloon sleeves. The world of Love Ohlou is romantic, dreamy, whimsical, and complete with the added magic of hand-crafted quality. This brand has exciting potential and is definitely one to follow.

Check them out here

4. Connade

Womenswear brand Connade was created in 2019 by Shelley Mokoena in South Africa. Connade’s aesthetic is contemporary, modern, and bold. Their designs are inspired by women's stories, and how the great women of the past help shape the women of today. The most recent collection is titled ‘Basadi ba Lesedi’ which translates to ‘Women of Light.’ Warm red and orange hues in this collection are meant to represent the rising sun, communicating the “journey of the women of light, who represent their own narrative and re-write their own paths for the better.” Connade’s collection is filled with rich and luxurious textiles, yet very relaxed easy to wear silhouettes. The garments are designed to look beautiful and be lived in. Despite being more minimal, with no prints in the collection, the attention to shape and detail still make the pieces just as bold.

Check them out here


Los Angeles based brand CISE’s motto is “Stronger Threads For A Stronger Community.” After getting started in 2010, their first project was the ‘Protect Black People’ line. In addition to selling items displaying a strong message, CISE’s mission is also focused on giving back, by donating proceeds to organizations like the Anti-Racism Fund. Possibly their most recognizable pieces are their handbags and totes which come in a variety of colors and read “Protect Black People” and “Protect Black Women.” Not only are these bags designed with style and function in mind, but they allow the wearer to unapologetically display a simple yet powerful message. CISE’s collection also includes outerwear and face masks.

Check them out here

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