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Favorite Black Fashion Designers of the Month - My Fashion Art Inspiration

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Keep reading for our April roundup of amazing Black fashion designers and Black-owned fashion brands that have inspired us.

1. Edas - Art Style: Eclectic & Natural

Accessories brand Edas was born out of a drive for sustainability and innovation. Edas began in 2013 under head designer Sade Mims. Mims first discovered her fascination for accessories from the handbags, jewelry, and belts she saw her grandma wearing growing up. She saw accessories as the essential final piece to an outfit. Tending to look to history for her inspiration, Mims has designed collections inspired by iconic fashion eras such as the early 2000’s. Some of the most recognizable Edas pieces include their leather handbags with an oversized buckle on the strap, and their beaded handle belt bags. The overall aesthetic of Edas can best be described as beautifully eclectic-as Mims would even say herself. The raw, natural shapes in the jewelry and clean lines of the handbags give the perfect earthy, yet modern feel. Check them out here

2. Tolu Coker - Art Style: Contemporary with Purpose

Tolu Coker is a British-Nigerian fashion designer, among other things including, textiles designer, illustrator, and artist. She launched her label in 2018 with a focus on society and social climates, craftsmanship, innovation, and sustainability. Her interest in society specifically expands beyond just inspiration, but to a desire to actually help bring about positive social change through her work. In 2019, in partnership with The City of Joy-a community of women survivors of violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Coker designed a collection to honor survivors of rape through war violence. Due to her multi-disciplinary background, Coker’s designs can almost be seen as pieces of contemporary art just as much as they are garments. Though not yet available yet, you can preview the newest collection here

3. Laquan Smith - Art Style: Textured & Sexy

Laquan Smith was trained in sewing beginning early in his life, by his own grandmother in his birthplace of Queens, NY. Since launching his namesake label in 2013, Smith’s work has been worn by women like Rihanna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and more. For his most recent Fall 21 ready-to-wear collection, he kept to his roots of powerful and sexy silhouettes, and elevated them even more through his use of PVC, giving many pieces a glossy look. This collection has everything for a night out, or even to go to the office. The range in textures, from the shiny, structured PVC, to the soft, cozy wool knits lend great versatility to the collection. See more here

4. House of Aama - Art Style: Nude & Natural

House of Aama was started in 2015 by mother and daughter duo Rebecca Henry and Akua Shabaka. Their designs are primarily inspired by Black tradition and experience across history. Their recent collection, ‘Nudes Capsule ’21,’ celebrates the color palette of Black skin. It highlights the fact that Brown skin comes in a variety of hues, yet all represent Blackness. Through their research for the collection, they studied the demographics of Black communities in the South and found these varying unique color palettes. What stood out most was the varying skin tones not just between families but within families as well, inspiring their “familial Nude color palette.” The collection is filled with raw silk fabrics, warm tones, and romantic silhouettes. Check out this collection and more here

5. Tia Adeola - Art Style: Ruffled & Sheer

Nigerian designer Tia Adeola founded her namesake brand from her NYC dorm room in 2017. Her interests in art history and the Renaissance in particular served as major inspirations for her designs. Her ruffled, flouncy pieces which dance the line of being 'too much' are designed to highlight and celebrate women’s bodies much like classical art has done throughout history. The ruffled designs have become Adeola’s signature, coming in a variety of styles and colors that can be mixed and matched. Some of her ruffled separates are even completely sheer, serving to accentuate the features of the women wearing them even more. More recent additions to the collection include face masks trimmed with the same signature ruffle detail. Check out more here

Art Inspired by Fashion

Each of my favorite black designers of the month have a special place in my heart that fuels my creativity. If you love fashion art and fashion-inspired art, make sure to browse my current selection of custom art here.

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