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Celebrating Black Talent in Fashion: Black Fashion Designers to Watch from NYFW Spring 2022

Here at Jurnfern Art our mission is to highlight and celebrate Black beauty and talent in the fashion industry. As part of our fashion week coverage this month, we put together a list of amazingly talented Black fashion designers who put on noteworthy presentations of their Spring 2022 collections at NYFW last week. Check them out below!

Connor McKnight

Connor McKnight's Spring 2022 collection comes in less than a year since the brand was launched. The collection was inspired by the styles worn by Black youth as well as what their family members might wear; coming together as a sort of new take on "The Brady Bunch" family look. McKnight was focusing on what it means and looks like to be 'the perfect family.' In this collection you'll find many casual separates with a contemporary urban feel. There are several laidback suit ensembles and androgynous looks which are very interesting. Discover the full collection here

Chelsea Grays

Titled 'Invited to the Cookout,' Grays' Spring 2022 collection explored Blackness in the context of a cookout, a cultural symbol of togetherness and community, and particularly in today's world, a symbol of hope for justice and better days. The collection was full of unique silhouettes and textiles like the asymmetrical trousers and skirts pictured above on the left, and the paint splatter print of the fabric on the right. Overall this collection was a very interesting take on contemporary Black style, with pieces that look both wearable yet artistic at the same time. Discover the full collection here

House of Aama

We have already been admiring the work from House of Aama for a while now, so we were very much anticipating their NYFW show - and they did not disappoint! House of Aama's Spring 2022 collection titled 'Salt Water' was inspired by Black people's relationship to water, specifically Black people's journeys across waters. Water is the means by which Black people have reached and settled on various shores; this influence can be seen in the overall nautical vibe of the collection. Expanding on the water theme, the designers also wanted to explore the concept of 'resort,' like what it looks like and who experiences it. This collection aims to reclaim the resort lifestyle and aesthetic into the Black experience. Discover the full collection here


The Spring 2022 collection was the NYFW debut for Theophilio and Jamaican-born designer Edvin Thompson. The collection was inspired by the former national airline of Jamaica, Air Jamaica, which can be seen through the color palette and certain flight attendant inspired looks. The silhouettes were bold, sexy, and striking. Pieces ranged from more casual daytime options like button-up shirts, crop-tops, and matching mini skirts, as well as options for a night out like sheer form-fitting maxi dresses and jumpsuits. Discover the full collection here

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