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Our Favorite Moments of NYFW Spring 2022

Keep scrolling for Jurnfern Art's roundup of favorite looks from NYFW's Spring 2022 runway season!

Here at Jurnfern Art, we are constantly keeping up with the happenings of the fashion industry. Which should come as no surprise considering fashion illustrations are our specialty! Fashion week presentations serve as a huge source of inspiration for our pieces and the showings of the new Spring collections during NYFW this past week were no exception. Keep reading below for our 10 favorite looks from the new collections.

1. The unique silhouette of this ensemble from the Proenza Schouler Spring 2022 collection was immediately striking. The elbow-length puffed sleeves, dramatic scoop neck, and hip-hugging length of the top make it beautifully flattering. Not to mention, we love a dress and pants combo. Tap the image to discover the full collection!

2. This look from the ONYRMRK Spring 2022 collection is an example of one of those times when clothing just makes you feel something deep inside. I am obsessed with reinterpretations of the classic men's suit, and this is probably one of my favorite representations ever. The short pant contributes a new vision for how men can dress in the Spring and Summer seasons. And, the tie-front blouse lends the most subtle touch of femininity to the otherwise masculine suit. Not to mention the untucked shirt, and grungy Dr. Marten's, all challenging the tradition of menswear. Tap the image to discover the full collection!

3. The combination of strength and femininity created by this look from the Alejandra Alonso Rojas Spring 2022 collection makes it something very memorable. Function and beauty were primary themes of the collection, and this look with its heavy, durable maxi skirt and delicate shawl is a perfect display of this. These pieces along with the entire collection are made for women who are bold and confident, but also care about form and detail. Tap the image to discover the full collection!

4. I love a power suit! The bright orange color of this suit from the Wok Morais Spring 2022 collection is not a color I've ever imagined on a suit, but this one works so well. The suit is relatively traditional, but the cropped pant gives it that subtle feminine touch. And, the color combination of the suit with the blue coat is just so beautiful to look at. This was just one of many incredible suit ensembles from the collection. Tap the image to discover the full collection!

5. You might remember our feature of LaQuan Smith from our April roundup of favorite Black fashion designers, so naturally we were very excited to see his new work! This particular look stood out to us because of the way it feels romantic, edgy, and sexy all at the same time. Out of all the looks from the collection, this is the one we'd be most excited to wear on a night out. Tap the image to discover the full collection!

6. Matching crop-top sets like this one from the Adam Lippes Spring 2022 collection were everywhere at NYFW, but this look in particular stood out to us. I loved the combination of the light bra top with the heavier button-down maxi skirt. And styling it with the lavender knee-high boots really made this look what it is. Tap the image to discover the full collection!

7. & 8. The Vince Spring 2022 collection was giving us major late 90's vibes. I'm usually not much a fan of minimalism, but there was something so beautifully simple and appealing about this collection, and these two looks in particular. The simple tube top with the shimmering maxi skirt and knit cardigan is casual, yet flattering and eye-catching at the same time. And that same tube top with a matching skirt and contrasting collared sweater brings me right back to a 1998 issue of Vogue in the best way. Tap the images to discover the full collection!

9. We love the boho, eclectic style of this look from the Altuzarra Spring 2022 collection. The accentuated hip detail on the skirt helps elevate this look above your average crop-top and skirt combo. Tap the image to discover the full collection!

10. This look from the Markarian Spring 2022 collection was our favorite ball gown of the season. The elegantly colorful fabric, the large bow detail on the back of the gown, and the matching handbag and hair bow all come together to create a formal, yet youthful and fashionable vibe. Tap the image to discover the full collection!

Comment below your favorite looks from the NYFW Spring 2022 season!

Thanks for reading!

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