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Top Trends for Fall '22, As Seen at NYFW

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Fashion is one of the primary inspirations for Jurnfern Art's collection of illustrations. So that means, twice a year during fashion week seasons we are keeping up with every runway show and presentation in order to gather up lots of new inspiration and ideas, not only for our art, but for dressing in our every-day lives as well. In taking in all of the beautiful Fall collections shown in February at New York Fashion Week, there were several consistent trends which stood out that we've listed below - may you find some art, design, or just personal outfit inspiration in these designs as well!

Trend 1: Bling, Jewels, & Glitter

Prepare for a Fall season full of glitter! So many looks from the NYFW runways were amped up with jewels, glitter, and overall bling-including everything from denim to ballgowns.

Trend 2: Overstated Shoulders

We will not be hiding our shoulders this year, get ready to accentuate with volume and maybe even some shoulder pads! This season we saw everything from puffed to pointed shoulders. And, the new collections showed that this look can be achieved in more ways than just a classic power suit or the increasingly popular prairie dress.

Trend 3: Tweed

Usually when we think of tweed, we think of a classic Chanel suit, but the Fall collections at NYFW showed new, refreshing, and trendy styles of tweed for younger audiences. Get ready to incorporate this lux, textured fabric into your wardrobe this Fall!

Trend 4: Elevated Knits, Patchwork, and Quilting

This NYFW offered elevated, high fashion, interpretations of familiar techniques like knitting, patchworking, and quilting. Some were more traditional while others were dramatic and exaggerated. Either way, seeing these techniques throughout the Fall collections felt classic and nostalgic.

Trend 5: Chunky Boots

Break out your Dr. Martens and UGGs because chunky boots are here to stay this Fall. Chunky boots continue to show their versatility and ability to be dressed up or down effortlessly.

Trend 6: Splatter Prints

Splatter prints were seen scattered throughout the Fall collections at NYFW; could this be an emerging standout print for Fall? The incorporation of these prints were subtle but still eye-catching. If florals belong to Spring, the splatter print could be in the running for this Fall's signature print.

Which trend are you most excited to see this Fall? Comment below!

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