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New York Fashion Week Spring 2022 Trends: Our Fashion Inspiration Trend Report

Fashion is one of the primary inspirations for Jurnfern Art's collection of illustrations. So, that means twice a year during fashion week seasons we are keeping up with every runway show and presentation in order to gather up lots of new inspiration and ideas, not only for our art, but for dressing in our every-day lives as well. In taking in all of the beautiful collections shown this month at New York Fashion Week, there were several consistent trends which stood out that we've listed below - may you find some art, design, or just personal outfit inspiration in these designs as well!

Trend 1: Cut-Outs

The NYFW runways were full of dresses with cut-outs in the most flattering places. Some of these looks went over the top, like this Christian Siriano dress, while others were more subtle.

Trend 2: Hats w/ Matching Ensembles

Hats, and their variations, were everywhere on the NYFW runways. However, these hats were very carefully designed and styled to directly match their ensembles, bringing a whole new meaning to the now very familiar two-piece set.

Trend 3: Suits

Suits, suits, suits! Nearly every collection at NYFW presented their own take on a suit, whether it be a classic tailored suit, a skirt suit, or the more dramatic asymmetrical suit.

Trend 4: Bright Colors

Maybe it was just the excitement of being back at in-person shows after over a year of quarantine, but bright happy colors were very prevalent on the runways this season. It looks like we are in for a cheery neon Spring next year!

Trend 5: Ombre/ Tie-Dye Fabrics

After seeing a blow-up in tie-dye fabrics during quarantine last year, it looks like we will continue to see these and ombre-type fabrics through next Spring.

Trend 6: Fringe

Unique takes on this fun and playful design feature were scattered throughout many collections at NYFW.

Trend 7: Exposed Midriff

This look has prevailed for several years now, and you'll be happy to know it is not going away any time soon!

Trend 8: Geometric Laces & Eyelets

While there were plenty of traditional delicate floral laces and embroideries to go around, geometric laces and eyelets were having their own moment this season.

Trend 9: Cosmic Prints

Honestly, this one kind of came out of left field for us, but there were too many instances (all with their own inspirations) not to be mentioned. We'll see if this trend really takes off by next Spring!

Which trend are you most excited to see next Spring? Comment below!

Thank you for reading!

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