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Rihanna's Fenty x Puma Collection Brings a New Take on 18th Century French Style

What does classic French opulence look like in the 21st Century? Rihanna gives her unique, diverse, and street-wear focused perspective on the matter.

Jurnfern Art - Fashion Illustration - Black Woman Art - Black Fashion Art - Rihanna - Fenty x Puma - Watercolor Art
Jurnfern Art - Rihanna's Fenty x Puma Collection Illustration Print

Rihanna has reigned as a style icon for her bold and unapologetic looks since the start of her music career. *Picture that nude bedazzled slip dress with matching fur boa and head scarf.*

In one of her first roles on the creative direction side, Rihanna's collaboration with Puma, titled Fenty x Puma, was born toward the end of 2014. In addition to the amazing collections which were debuted, a staple of the collaboration was the Creeper sneaker; it even earned the title Shoe of the Year. One of four ready-to-wear collections she would come to design with the brand, Fenty x Puma's Spring 2017 collection presented at Paris Fashion Week in the fall of 2016. Between the pastel color palette, lace-up corsets, and dreamy silk textures, it was the perfect blend of vintage and classic, "Marie Antoinette-esque" details with edgy street-style energy. This particular look featured in the above illustration, a silk slip worn draped over a hoodie and bike shorts, is just one iteration of this combo. Rococo style opulence meshed with casual athleisure. Through this collection, Rihanna successfully brings a modern, urban perspective to historically European aesthetics.

Whenever Rihanna gets involved in a project from the Fenty x Puma line to her ensuing endeavors including her Savage x Fenty lingerie line and Fenty Beauty makeup line, diversity and inclusivity are always at the forefront. She is constantly challenging beauty standards; in the fashion industry specifically, where pervasively slim, white-washed images of 'beauty' are being shoved in our faces, Rihanna steps in to show that women of color and full-bodied figures are people to be inspired by too.

Rihanna's commitment to supporting and celebrating Black people and non-Black people of color extends beyond her businesses; Rihanna also wears the hat of activist. I've attached some links below to action items which she has shared on social media to raise awareness for the Black Lives Matter movement and fight to end systemic racism around the country.

Rihanna is a strong and talented Black woman who has always used her platform and work for a good purpose, and this illustration is just a small way in which I wanted to celebrate her! Hope you Enjoy!

You can shop for you own print of this illustration here!

P.S. The model wearing this look in my original reference picture for the illustration is Damaris Goddrie, a model of mixed ethnicity who takes pride in representing us mixed girls in the fashion industry!

Keep scrolling to Rihanna's action items below!

Damaris Goddrie - Black Model - Mixed Model - Fenty x Puma - Runway Collection - Streetwear Style - Rihanna
Damaris Goddrie models for the Fenty x Puma Spring 2017 collection presentation

  1. Donations:

    • Supporting Minnesota-based organizations like Black Visions Collective and Reclaim the Block that are working toward abolishing systems of oppression, notably the police department, and investing instead in community alternatives which better serve the people and support Black liberation. You can find them here:

*An update since Rihanna last shared this information: these groups are currently looking for your support in donating to their fellow organizations in the Minnesota area which are also fighting for the cause. You can find the list on their websites. Please consider supporting these groups as well.

  • Contribute to the Bail Project. By donating to this National Revolving Bail Fund you are helping to provide bail for those that can't afford it, as well as contributing to the fight to end mass incarceration. Too many people remain in jail unreasonably, simply because they are not wealthy enough to post bail. You can donate here:

2. Petitions:

  • Sign the Black Lives Matter petition to defund the police. Contribute to the fight in demanding that funds be divested from the police force and redirected to the health and prosperity of all our communities. Sign here:

  • Sign the Color of Change petition for Breonna Taylor. Signing this petition demands that the city of Louisville, KY fire all of the officers involved in the senseless, preventable murder of Breonna Taylor: Jonathan Mattingly and Myles Cosgrove (only Brett Hankison has been fired so far). Sign here:


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